verisure space camp

verisure space camp.


From the briefing it should be clear where we need to focus. Once it is clarified where we are going to focus our event usp’s, everything will be worked out and prepared in function of this.


With a 28-member v-team, V-Formation headed to the AED Studios.


The ‘Verisure Space Camp’ event had to become a compilation of entertaining and technological challenges.


Of the 50 participating teams of 10 people, the end customer wanted 1 ultimate winner, so the competition element was strongly present.


During the event there were several content teams on post. For photo, film and customer satisfaction we got involved in the team building bustle.


Creating a successful event is always the common denominator, but from event briefing to elaboration, from award ceremony to aftercare, each event often follows a specific course.

v-formation to the rescue.

Despite a fixed range of teambuilding concepts, V-Formation still has a lot of ‘sauces’ on offer to pour over an event. Good for a custom look and feel.

space challenges.

After a team brainstorm we selected the activities that fit the theme. Everything was given a ‘Space’ interpretation in Phase II and poured into a total package. The competitive element was important, so we had to make sure that not all tests arrived at ‘physical capacities’, hence the wide variety of challenges. In the Verisure Space Camp challenge, team tactics, team communication, team effort and heterogeneity were needed to go home with the trophy.

Defuse the bomb teambuilding rustige teambuilding mentale challenge brain games

event usp’s.

To make the event a success we have played the following event usp’s:

  • Competitive challenge.
  • Wide range to appeal to everyone.
  • Physically not too challenging with the subsequent dinner in mind.
  • Feel-good activities that are fun to do or follow.
  • Company values present for maximum impact.

By drawing up event usp’s you can focus on the project, and put the right accents in the different event phases.

Teambuilding stress?


A 28-member team of V-Formation was appointed during the event. 4 project managers (head coordinator, responsible zone NL, responsible zone FR and crew coordinator) and 24 teambuilders who each took on a challenge. It was a great team effort to time everything correctly and tune it to the overall event, and it also gives a real kick when there is so much team testosterone in a room!

together we create magic