BXL Fun Village

bxl fun village.


The event took place on the Rogierplein in Brussels. Close to the city ring road and therefore very centrally located.


Mechanical attractions, gladiator games, a 100m long obstacle course,… and all this equipped with well dressed animators!


In addition to the many challenges, there was also room to catch up or relax in our inflatable couches while continuing to follow the full spectacle.


An event so centrally organised requires good community functioning. In addition to the people who had signed up, many people from the neighborhood also came by.


The combination of relaxation, challenge and fun made this event a magnificent spectacle.


No V-Formation without FUN! We didn’t spare the Rogierplein and brought the coolest attractions together.

endless fun in the heart of Brussels.

People of all ages could enjoy exciting challenges, funky music or pass by one of the tasty food trucks.

fun paradise.

Living in the city is not always easy towards relaxation, but when a 2000m2 fun circus passes by, people in Brussels come out on the street anyway. With a mix of activities, food & drinks and entertainment, it became a beautiful afternoon full of entertainment and it was fun to see how the different neighborhoods around the Rogierplein gathered and fraternized.

tips for free.

The following tips are interesting for organizing in major cities:

  • Make promotion in different languages.
  • Start all preparations sufficiently in advance.
  • Make sure you have all written approvals at hand during the event.
  • Don’t just release your drone.
  • Think about the community and involve local authorities and/or associations.

BXL, you were great!

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feel good.

For V-Formation it was a pleasure to participate in this event for several reasons. On the one hand there is the exclusive event location, on the other hand the carte blanche direction we got for the event filling. Last but not least the international character of the participants. Experiencing fun together is not a matter of age, gender or nationality, it is a universal fact!

together we create magic