our mission.


Right from the start the main goal was to entertain and to connect. Through attractions and teambuilding V-Formation can make perfect work of both.


The ‘Professional Fun’ always starts first from the team. We like to ‘sell’ what we believe in very hard, and always go our own way!


A rich range of entertainment material (for young and old), and a very balanced range of teambuilding concepts are sufficient to spread (inter)national fun and team dynamics.


Our ambitions extend beyond Belgium, and thanks to The Beast (awarded by Guinness) we were already able to place spectacular setups on 4 continents.


The V-Formation DNA has a very strong presence within the company. Everything starts from our own strength, and we always remain true to our values and mission.

professional fun

Simply put, everything must be FUN, and brought in a PROFESSIONAL way. Only when both pillars are present, V-Formation can strive for optimal results and experience.

feel good
teambuilding company.

With a smile we bring people together or create an extra experience at your event. The passion and positivity always starts from ourselves and works infectiously towards the customers.


Blessed with a solid dose of dedication, positivity, flexibility and crazyness, the V-Team will always go for every customer and/or order. The strength of this team lies in its heterogeneity on the one hand, but also in its friendship on the other hand. V-Formation does not only work to build your team, but also to put its own team on point.


V-Formation would like to expand the V-Family through new employees on the following fronts:

  • Enthusiastic team builders
  • Cheerful attraction guides
  • Motivated cleaning forces
  • Flexible evening and weekend workers
  • BE – CE (driving licence) drivers

If you would like to join our great team on Freelance base, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Will you become our new fun provider?

happy founder.

The power and energy you get from working with enthusiastic, smiling and motivated people is contagious. If we can have the same impact on our customers, then the decision to start V-Formation in 2006 will only be reinforced.

Happy founder, Benedikt De Vreese

together we create magic