professional fun providers

additional atmosphere and dimension

Elevate your event by collaborating with one of our professional providers of fun.

From 350/half day

Prices are excl. of 21% VAT, costs of transportation, extra's and external costs. The minimum price starts for groups of 15. We would be happy to send personalized quotes for groups of 100+.

min. 10
1h - 48h

the experience.

A professional fun provider adds a significant value during a team building activity.


Firstly, a Professional Fun Provider creates a safe and positive environment in which participants feel comfortable to participate and be open. Through good communication and interaction with the group, the Professional Fun Provider can help promote collaboration and build trust among team members. Moreover, the Professional Fun Provider assists in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and guides them in solving problems and challenges. Through this guidance, team members can improve their skills, increase their self-confidence, and feel more connected to their teammates.


In short, the presence of a Professional Fun Provider leads to a more effective and successful team building experience.

Professional fun providers


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Brain Games, Creativity, Individual Challenges, Inflatable Fun, Target Challenges, Technology, Thematic


Authenticity, Boundless, Having Fun, Resilience, Respect/inclusivity, Sustainability, Transparent communication, Welfare

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