Light Hunter

Decision making

Is your team too little 'skilled' in taking the right quick calls, or are they unable to cope with time pressure? Then 'Light Hunter' might be the perfect way out. This 'concept in a box' can easily be rented without guidance, but of course with a fully detailed briefing.

From 40 p.p.

Prices are excl. of 21% VAT, costs of transportation, extra's and external costs. The minimum price starts for groups of 15. We would be happy to send personalized quotes for groups of 100+.

max. 60
1u - 2u

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the experience.

Quick decision making is the difference between living in chaos or achieving productive results. Light Hunter will use light-sound and reflexes tests to find out which persons – teams can really deal with team pressure, and how far groups sometimes want to go to get the prize. Even though the tests themselves are short and powerful, everything is preceded by a team meeting in which you have to take a certain strategy. What is left to really shine: trust – overview – speed.


Make your call (and quick)! Be surprised and led in this visual and auditory spectacle, and be aware of the ‘wins‘ that lie ahead: dare to decide – dare to switch quickly – dare to let go. The big advantage of Light Hunter is that it can easily be coupled to other teambuilding concepts or previous meetings. Let’s hunt! 


V-Formation bezorgde ons een onvergetelijke teamdag in het prachtige domein blablabla.

Jean, bedrijf (Brussel)


foto / video

Laat jouw teambuilding in beeld brengen door onze zelf uitgekozen professionals. Ideaal om te delen op social media, of gewoon als leuk aandenken.

custom thema

Wil je van jouw teambuilding event echt iets uniek en persoonlijks maken? Of heb je gewoon een crazy concept in gedachten? We make it epic!

location finder

Indoor, outdoor of beide? In België of buiten de landsgrenzen? We zoeken een top locatie die perfect past bij jouw noden.

voor- en natrajecten

Laat je team screenen door een professional. We spotten de pijnpunten en werken hier extra aan tijdens het teambuilding event. Boost your team!

Zet in verlanglijstje en maak gratis offerte aan!

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