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A bamboo team building is a sustainable team building where the focus is mainly on teamwork and promoting creativity

From 30 p.p.

Prices are excl. of 21% VAT, costs of transportation, extra's and external costs. The minimum price starts for groups of 15. We would be happy to send personalized quotes for groups of 100+.

max. 40
1h - 3h

the experience.

A bamboo stick team building is a unique and fun way to promote teamwork and creativity. It offers a range of opportunities for participants to test and expand their skills through building various structures using bamboo sticks and other materials.


Whether it’s creating a ball run/marble run, tallest tower, or artwork, participants are challenged to work together and share their ideas to achieve a common goal. This can help improve communication and collaboration within a team, as well as promote creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, building with bamboo also provides an eco-friendly and sustainable option for team building activities.


Extra options available on request:

– extra decorations/materials for decorating

– photographer or aftermovie

bamboestiek duurzame teambuilding ecologisch verantwoord samenwerken duurzame samenwerking duurzame teambuilding


V-Formation bezorgde ons een onvergetelijke teamdag in het prachtige domein blablabla.

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Let our hand-picked professionals capture your team building event on camera. Ideal for sharing on social media or as a fun memento.

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Do you want to make your team building event truly unique and personal? Or do you just have a crazy concept in mind? We’ll make it epic!

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Let a professional screen your team. We’ll spot the pain points and work on them during the team building event. Boost your team!

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