XL games

go big or go home!

Small? No, XL! XL games are a fun and challenging way to organize team building activities. Most games are typically known, but not in this large version!

From 40 p.p.

Prices are excl. of 21% VAT, costs of transportation, extra's and external costs. The minimum price starts for groups of 15. We would be happy to send personalized quotes for groups of 100+.

min. 8
1h - 2h

the experience.

The extra large dimensions of these games provide extra challenge and fun.


From XL Jenga to XL Towers of Hanoi to XL pick-up sticks, XL puzzles, … playing games on this scale brings a whole new dimension of teamwork and collaboration.

XL games go big or go home grote spellen grote games


V-Formation bezorgde ons een onvergetelijke teamdag in het prachtige domein blablabla.

Jean, bedrijf (Brussel)



Let our hand-picked professionals capture your team building event on camera. Ideal for sharing on social media or as a fun memento.

Banner onderaan teambuilding producten custom concept zelf samengestelde teambuilding teambuilding op maat

custom theme

Do you want to make your team building event truly unique and personal? Or do you just have a crazy concept in mind? We’ll make it epic!

location finder

Indoor, outdoor, or both? In Belgium or outside the country? We’ll find a top location that perfectly suits your needs.

pre- and post-process

Let a professional screen your team. We’ll spot the pain points and work on them during the team building event. Boost your team!

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fun in combination with.


Brain Games, Creativity, Individual Challenges, Winterproof


Average, Easy going, Intensive


Between €30 and €50 p.p., Unlimited


Having Fun

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