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Sumo wrestling, but even funnier? Put on the superhero suits and challenge each other! And… you don't have to stop at sumo wrestling! Consider all the other possibilities. Since 2023 we not only have Superman Spiderman, Batman, the Hulk but also Superwoman, Wolverine, Joker & Venom!

From 255

Prices are excl. of 21% VAT, costs of transportation, extra's and external costs.

6 x 6 m


The BEAST on tour

Tomorrowland 2017


Take away
€ 255
(excl. btw)

You pick up the attraction and return it in our warehouse.

We provide a booklet with instructions, blower, extension cable, anchor material, and a booklet with games.

Guarantee: €200

€ 285
(excl. btw)

Delivery / collection is done by us! Although we count on 1 pair of extra hands on the spot.

This help can be provided by you or by us (€ 40 / hour excl. VAT).

Transport costs depend on the location and are calculated per km.

full option
op aanvraag

We staan in voor de volledige op- en afbouw zonder extra assistentie.

We zorgen ook voor extra animatoren of acteurs!

Transportkosten zijn afhankelijk van de locatie en worden berekend per km.

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